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Billionaire Anand Piramal Bounces from Boardroom to Pickleball Championship

A Little About the Monsoon Pickleball Championship

City of Mumbai

Mumbai, a city that never sleeps, is always ready to surprise. Known for its bustling streets, Bollywood beats, and business behemoths, this August it served up something a little different: The Monsoon Pickleball Championship. And guess who was spotted on the court, paddle in hand? Anand Piramal, a business tycoon.

Piramal’s Pickleball Play

Anand Piramal, the force behind the Piramal Group’s ventures in finance, real estate, and healthcare, decided to swap his business suit for sportswear at the NESCO Center. As clips of him mastering pickleball shots made rounds on the internet, it was a nice reminder: Mumbai’s moguls aren’t just about mergers and acquisitions. They’re also game for a bit of pickleball fun. Who doesn’t play pickleball these days?

The Monsoon Pickleball Championship, a brainchild of the Association of Pickleball Players (APP) and India’s Global Sports, was already a big deal. With a mix of pickleball enthusiasts, from rookies to experts, and a tempting prize pool of $20,000 US Dollars, the event was set to make waves. But Piramal’s cameo? That was the cherry on top.

Mumbai’s Double Game: Commerce and Courts

Anand Piramal’s pickleball adventure might have raised a few eyebrows, but it’s a sign of Mumbai’s dual charm. While business leaders like Piramal are scripting Mumbai’s economic saga, events like this championship are putting the city on the global sports map. Ken Herrmann from APP noted the sport’s rising star status, giving a nod to India’s contribution to pickleball’s international journey.

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