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Beyond Google Maps: 6 Little-Known Tricks To Find Pickleball Courts Near Me



Some say that pickleball got its name from one of the guys who invented it, whose dog was named Pickles. Others say the game reminded its founders of a pickle boat, hence the strange moniker. Whatever its origin, pickleball is seriously entertaining. Finding places to play the game, however, can be challenging, and you may be wondering: Where can I find pickleball courts near me?

There are little-known ways to find such courts, and we’ll share them with you along with tips on how to get started in this incredibly fun game.

How Can I Get Started Playing Pickleball?

Once you know how to find where people are playing pickleball in your area, you’ll find that getting into the game is easier than you think. So long as it’s not a tournament, most pickleball players are open to you simply showing up and asking to play. Explain that you’re a newbie, and they’ll be happy to show you the ropes and even loan you a paddle. You’ll be enjoying the game before you know it. Here’s the next step.

1. Get Equipped

You’ll need a basicĀ paddle and some pickleball balls. When you get better at the game, you can buy better-quality equipment. Just focus on having fun in the beginning.

2. Set Up a Temporary Court

You can set up a temporary pickleball court anywhere, whether it’s a basketball court or your own backyard. Tennis courts are the best places, although a pickleball court is roughly a quarter of the size of a tennis court.

Make the pickleball area 60 feet long by 30 feet wide and lower the net to 34 inches in the center. You can turn one tennis court into up to four pickleball courts by bringing in portable nets and dividing up the area. Most tennis courts are oriented so the players face either north or south to keep players from having to stare into the sun when they play. Keep that in mind when you set up your temporary pickleball courts.

Pickup games give you the chance to play matches that aren’t part of a tournament but are a bit more intense than a laidback one-on-one. We’ll be discussing how to find pickup pickleball games in a later article. Meanwhile, here are tips on how to find pickleball courts in your area.

How Can I Find Pickleball Courts Near Me?

If you don’t know people in the pickleball community, you might find it challenging to find a pickleball court in your area, let alone know when games are playing. Here’s what to do.

1. Contact the USA Pickleball Association

The USAPA hopes to grow the passion for pickleball and has a website that lists upcoming tournaments. The association also has ambassadors located throughout the country who promote the sport. No matter what state you live in, you likely have an ambassador near you.

A pickleball ambassador can help you find courts in your area and get in touch with other players. If you’re new to the game, contacting your local ambassador is the best way to get started.

2. Visit Meetup

Meetup is a social media platform that helps you connect with others in your area who share your passion. Go to the website’s search bar and type in the word pickleball along with your area. You’re likely to find several tournaments. This is a great way to find local pickleball groups and meet others who are passionate about this addictive sport.

3. Find Pickleball Groups on Facebook

Facebook is another way to meet other pickleball players. Go to the platform and type in the word “pickleball” and you’ll likely find several groups in your area. You can meet people willing to teach you the game and find local clubs as well as learn about upcoming events.

Are There Apps I Can Use To Find Pickleball Courts Near Me?

There are a number of great apps that can help you find the best pickleball courts as well as help you connect with other pickleball aficionados. Some are free while others charge a small subscription fee.


PickleConnect is an app made by players for players. The designers strove to include all the crucial information pickleball players needed in one app. In addition to helping you find courts across the globe, PickleConnect has an integrated worldwide map so that you can find pickleball clinics and vacations as well as coaches and tournaments.

It’s a way to find out about events before they happen instead of hearing about them after they’re over. You can save your favorite courts and even create pickleball events. PickleConnect also has a Pickleball Directory section to help you find the right gear as well as pickleball associations. Planning on traveling? Use the directory to find hotels and RV resorts that have courts.

USA Pickleball Places2Play

This free app enables you to find courts near you no matter where you are, both in the United States and around the world. The app features filters that enable you to describe sites you’d like to play at, such as outdoor versus indoor or courts that are free. You can also search by city or state. The app lets you upload pictures of your favorite places and check the weather.

Pickleball by PicklePlay

While you have to agree to an annual subscription to use this app, you can find courts and players as well as clubs and information about events. Better still, this app goes beyond a simple database of places to play and provides a wide range of functions, including reviews and the ability to coordinate games according to skill level. If you want to meet a wide variety of players and get into some good matches, this is the app for you.

What Should I Learn Beyond How To Find Pickleball Courts Near Me?

Finding pickleball courts near me is just the beginning. Once you start playing, you’ll fall in love with the sport just like we have. When you’re ready for more tips and strategies, Pickleball Empire has got you covered.




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