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Best Pickleball Podcasts to Listen to (Improve Your Game Off The Court)

Spending more time on the court whether you’re playing singles or working on doubles strategy, doing drills, taking lessons, or practicing with a ball throwing machines are the keys to improving your pickleball skills. But as much as we love pickleball (obsessed even), we can’t be on the court all the time.

Just like reading books about pickleball, listening to podcasts is another great resource especially when you’re in the car (i.e. on the way to or from the courts). Luckily for us, as pickleball grows in popularity there are more and more quality podcasts from coaches and pros.

Here’s a list of some popular pickleball podcasts. There is no particular order and we’ll keep adding to our list as more come available. If we missed any good podcasts that you know of, please leave us a comment below.

Pickleball Podcasts

JustPaddles podcast Zero Zero Start
The JustPaddles Zero Zero Start podcast, presented by the team at JustPaddles, is a pickleball podcast that features interviews with top players and personalities in the sport. It’s perfect for those who love pickleball but can’t always play due to rest days or bad weather. The podcast can be enjoyed from anywhere you listen to podcast and provides a way to fill the pickleball void when you can’t play.  

Pickleball Problems

This is the podcast from pickleball coach Mark Renneson.

Mark is a well-known and respected coach and for his Third Shot Sports website and YouTube channel. He is also the CEO of Pickleball Coaching International, and runs The Pickleball Lab, a subscription-based online training program with written guides and videos. As you can see he pulls from a wide array of knowledge and his podcast delivers lots of nuggets.

Morgan Evans More or Less Pickleball Podcast

This is a newer podcast (launched in 2020) by Morgan Evans. Evans is a professional tennis and Pickleball instructor at Shadow Mountain Resort, in Palm Desert, California. He’s well-known as a player and coach and also serves as an Advisory Staff Member for Selkirk Pickleball.

The podcast is an interesting mix of everything pickleball-related from tips to trivia as well as some surprising guests such SuperBowl champ Shae McClellin who know plays pickleball to keep fit physically and mentally.

Pickleball Kitchen Podcast

This podcast is from Barrett Kincheloe, a PPR and IPTPA certified instructor also runs a website and Youtube channel with instructional videos that cover tons of topics and guides for beginners to advanced players.  The podcast now has over 100 episodes.

The Eddie and Webby Podcast

Eddie and Webby is a unique mix and entertaining format. Beer, Tech & Pickleball!

Each podcast contains a full, in-depth review of a specific beer, a review of the latest technology, and discussions about pickleball. They also get some great pickleball personalities on the show including a long list of professional pickleball players that have been on the show.

The Pickleball Guru’s Podcast

This podcast is from the “Pickleball Guru” himself, Prem Carnot and author of and author of the book (and audiobook), Smart Pickleball.

This podcast started in June, 2018 and a new episode comes out roughly once a month. You can listen to episodes here on Apple Podcasts , Stitcher or Podbean.

Pickleball Talks with Steve Paranto

This is the podcast from Steve Paranto.

A legend in the game, he has been playing pickleball since 1974 (less than 10 years after pickleball was invented)! And his dad, Arlen Paranto, started Pro-Lite paddles back in 1984 (originally “Ultra Lite Paddle Co“). In spite of that past, he actually now plays with Onix paddles.

The podcast has had a number of well-known pickleball personalities on the show.

The Pickleball 5.0 Podcast

This podcast has about a dozen episodes but hasn’t been updated in several months so it’s not clear if the podcaster is just taking a break of no longer producing episodes.

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