2024 APP U.S. Collegiate Championships: Record High Prize Pool

APP college championships

At the end of 2023, DUPR put on a College Nationals Tournament. It had a prize pool of over $30,000, 36 Universities and over 350 players.  It was a big success!  Now, at the start of 2024, The APP is breaking into the College scene. They are starting the year with their own College Nationals. They are stepping up the prize money, as well, with the team format prize pool of $50,000. It will be Rally scoring, much like all of the other team format tournaments we have seen so far. 

I think that one of the coolest things is the venue for this tournament. It is most likely the largest venue ever for a pickleball tournament. (I am guessing). The APP had this to say about it:

“The 2024 APP U.S. Collegiate Championships and Midwest Open will take place at the 400-acre Grand Park Sports Campus in Westfield, located 30 miles north of Indianapolis and named the fastest growing city in the state of Indiana. Grand Park Sports Campus is home to the Pacers Athletic Center, serves as the training camp home for the NFL’s Indianapolis Colts, and boasts 57 outdoor fields for soccer, football, lacrosse, baseball, and softball.”

They also said,

“the APP U.S. Collegiate Championships and Midwest Open, features 28 pickleball courts and a Championship Court, as well as stadium seating with visibility of all courts, VIP seating, player locker rooms, and a large bar and restaurant overlooking play.” 

This is a big step for college pickleball as it will be a very professionally run tournament and will be showcasing some future competition for college pickleball. The group that is going to benefit most from this is the college athlete as the money and attention will continue to bring legitimacy to the college pickleball scene. I think that for pickleball, college pickleball will continue to grow the sport as a whole!

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At just 21 years old, New Jersey native Richard Livornese, Jr. is a rising star in the professional pickleball world and a member of the 2023 APP Next Gen National Team. Initially a college lacrosse player at Stevens Institute of Technology, Richard switched gears to pickleball during the COVID-19 pandemic, co-founding a pickleball academy in his hometown and setting his sights on professional competition. Most recently he has committed to a three-year contract with Major League Pickleball, 2024 through 2026. Richard is an aggressively enterprising person and athlete that is not only finding success on the court, but plans to use his influence to promote the sport’s growth. As a regular contributor to Pickleball Portal, he provides valuable insights through news articles, reviews, and how-to guides. richard@pickleballportal.com

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